How we support you

Paving your way to a brighter future.

Working for your benefit

The right position for you, whether temporary or permanent, part-time or full time, is out there. Let’s find it.

Integrity Placement Group wants to help you build your future with the right job in the right career.  We use our expertise in working with people, our proven process and our trusted connections – and get them all working together for your benefit.

Don’t get lost in the endless job boards and social media sites trying to find your next move.  Work with our team directly to find your next position – right for you, right on time.

Finding the right fit

We will conduct an in-depth assessment of your marketable skills, knowledge and abilities.  We will listen to your professional objectives and personal requirements.  We consider both needs when identifying opportunities in the marketplace.

While we understand career advancement and growth are often the drivers of a job search, we have found that for many, the ideal position also includes the right location, work environment, work/life balance and flexibility.

Helping you stand out

Our relationship with you will be 100% confidential, 100% of the time. You can count on Integrity Placement Group to treat you, our candidate, with the utmost respect.  Our job is to help you stand out among all the other job seekers and get your resume or LinkedIn profile a second look, while saving you the time and energy needed to do a full time career search on your own.

Other benefits of working with your recruiter include career counseling, resume prep or improvement, and interview coaching.


“I try and dig deep to really get to know the candidate.  That extra effort is what helps me to make placements that work all the way around — and helps me beat the competition more often than not!  I love what I do, because I help people every day.”



Senior Recruiter

“Integrity Placement Group has been my dream job since day one.  I find it so gratifying to work with our clients as they build their companies with our talent.  Even though many assignments are very challenging, our team and our process make it so worthwhile. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”



Senior Recruiter