Why Integrity

Let Integrity guide your recruitment results.

Our recruiters have deep knowledge of disciplines throughout the healthcare industry, including functional requirements, personnel, organizational styles, and compensation.   We know the intricacies of specializations, the value of unique qualifications, the myriad of educational opportunities available, and the small but important differences between candidates that can benefit an organization.  We’ve worked side by side with healthcare companies and medical departments throughout the country, and know the ins and outs of successful recruiting.  We know your world, and this gives us the ability to be your trusted ally in successful recruitment.

We consider it a privilege to receive and continue to earn your confidence. Therefore, we are invested in your success, your organization’s culture and values.  We want to know what makes your organization unique and what really makes a good fit for your environment.

We understand how important it is to have reliable partners who deliver consistent results. Within our system of success we hold ourselves 100% accountable for the ongoing success of your staffing.  Communication and transparency are key to our process, as well as a sense of urgency.  Your priority is our priority.

We value diversity — of  people, thought, background, experience, and culture– as an essential element in our commitment to excellence.  Our team has training and experience in a variety of medical settings and healthcare backgrounds in addition to extensive recruiting history, and our diversity of professional backgrounds allows us to be flexible and dynamic.

We take the time to do the research to deliver the perfect candidate, and we stand behind each candidate we place. We choose to partner with clients who value the level of service we provide.

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