Applicant screening process

Aligning the right talent with the right opportunity.

As a premier service provider, we take seriously our responsibility to attract, qualify, and match talented individuals to your needs. Our pre-screening process ensures no valuable time is lost with unsuitable applicants.  Verification of a candidate’s credentials and experience guarantees that you’re meeting with the very highest quality talent.

Years of experience in healthcare recruiting has allowed us to define and refine the right process to quickly and effectively sort candidates.  We got beyond the contents of a resume to ensure that the candidates proposed for a position are truly the right match for the position.

We begin with a signed search agreement, outlining the functions of the role.  We perform a discovery and needs analysis with you to determine what we’re looking for — including hard skills and technical expertise, soft skills and cultural fit.

We create a search profile and customized recruiting plan that is tailored to the position and your company culture. We also consider the needs, values and expectations of likely candidates as well as a variety of communications approaches.

Our team conducts research via our rich research database and other sourcing technologies, as well as our network of connections.  We recruit among active and passive job seekers to get the best pool of talent.

Integrity Placement Group first conducts a thorough phone screen to determine the applicant’s communication and technical skills.  Next, we validate an applicant has the credentials that we require internally for every candidate prior to submitting any candidates for review. We independently verify the education, previous employment, and other critical information that the resume doesn’t tell us.

Next, we meet with each of the pre-qualified candidates, to further assess soft skills and cultural fit. We schedule your interviews with the most qualified candidates.  Finally, collecting feedback from both sides, we consult with you to finalize the decision.

Integrity Placement Group will assist you in drafting an offer to the final candidate, and will extend that offer on your behalf.  Once the offer is accepted, the start date and follow up dates will be scheduled.